Just Learning To Think In another language

Allows you to see your own culture In A Better Viewpoint

The Bloom

Institute for English Speaking

All organizations begin with a dream; a vision; a hope for a better tomorrow. The successful ones are those that never give up, until the dream is realized, and the vision is turned to reality. The Bloom Institute for English Speaking is one such institution founded in 2001; the institution is today, one of India's finest institutions. The entrepreneurial drive and commitment of the founder has been the guiding force of the institution continues today, as the institution looks forward to even greater success in the future.

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6 reasons to learn a language

English is spoken all over the world

English is not the most widely spoken language (that title goes to Chinese), but it does come in third, after Spanish. And the number of 335 million native speakers is respectable.

International business requires English

In terms of international commerce, English is the language to learn. When the Chinese do business in Egypt, the negotiations and transactions happen in English.

Education and research opportunities

Thinking of studying abroad or publishing a research paper? Chances are you will decide to learn English at some point along the way, or to study at your chosen institution.

A perfect language for traveling

If you travel often, you’ll note signs tend to come in the local tongue first and English second. That’s because English is considered the most popular international language.

The language of cinema and music

If you like going to the movies and are a fan of sitcoms, then English should be on your list. That’s because so many of the world’s films are written and produced in English.

Hemingway and Harry Potter

English has been around for a long time and English speaking writers have always been a fairly prolific bunch, both in Great Britain and the United States.

The Bloom was founded in 2001 by Mr. Mahesh Purswani. At that time he had envisaged globalization and growing need for English language worldwide.

Because of providing quality education to the people and always maintaining the sense of commitment, Bloom has succeeded to inculcate the sense of trust.

Bloom came into existence to provide/facilitate the courses to the students in the field of Spoken English, Personality Development, and Communication Skill & Interview Preparation.

KEY to English a 6 DVD Set

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Features & details

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